Clarity | Meaningfulness | Goals

"You've helped me hear myself." 

I love the "ah-ha moments" that I help my clients achieve as we explore their innermost complexities. Being their guide is a privilege, like being the assistant to the captain, navigating them to resolution.  

After graduating from Syracuse University in 1993, with my Bachelor's in Speech Communications, life's path took me to down the road to Food Service Management. Needless to say, I was not fulfilled. I went back to Graduate School at Argosy University in Dallas, TX in 2006 to complete my life's mission; becoming a counselor. 

Clarity, meaningfulness & goals are the aspects in counseling that I address, understanding the issues, how they affect you and what you want to change. I take a collaborative approach in finding solutions with you, either effecting you cognitively or behaviorally. In other words, how you think and/or how you behave and how they interplay with each other, especially in regards to yourself, relationships, work environment, family, etc.

I specialize in working with couple's issues, adults, adolescents, and older children.

I have openings on Saturdays as well as days/evenings.